7 Side Gigs that Help OthersWoman delivering groceries to an older gentleman.

Side Gigs That Help Other People

While you'd love to spend more of your time helping the greater good, you also have to work to earn money to pay your bills. Volunteering is satisfying on many levels, but there isn't always as much extra time to share as you would like. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to choose?  
The good news is your love for assisting others does not have to just be a passion project or a volunteer gig. There are many ways you can turn your love for helping others into a side hustle as some gigs that help people also pay you money.

Seeking out a side hustle such as preparing taxes, tutoring, or running errands can actually put a little extra money in your pocket. That way, you can combine the good feelings that come from helping others along with the relief that comes with earning money on the side. Read on to learn how you can get paid while helping others.

Tax Preparer

Many people approach tax season with dread because they cannot comprehend the maze of rules that go along with their returns. In fact, the act of filing taxes is made difficult on purpose due to unnecessary redundancies by the government, tax preparers who benefit from sorting out all the confusion, and anti-tax lobbyists who want the process to be so difficult it makes people angry enough to oppose taxation all together.

In addition, tax laws are always changing, which means more people will need help finding deductions and understanding how they are impacted. If you're considering helping with taxes, you'll want to keep up with the latest in laws and deductions.

Regardless of how difficult and annoying filing taxes may be, it must be done every year, by every person earning a wage and every company who pays employees. If tax filing has never bothered you or you find that you are particularly astute at this act, then helping someone file their tax return is a great way to earn extra cash.

Keep in mind though that tax preparation is seasonal work. It'll be very steady around tax season as there is always a need for help for a solid two months. While you might not think of tax returns as an altruistic venture, think of the relief that the people you help will feel when they know that their taxes are filed and done for the year. For more information about how to become a tax preparer, click here.

Tutoring to Assist People in Academics

College admissions and classes are as competitive as ever. Parents and students themselves are willing to pay money to get ahead. This is why the market for tutoring services is rapidly growing. And, with the help of technology, you can even tutor without leaving your home, which opens up opportunities for tutoring outside of your own zip code.

If you've always excelled at a particular subject (or two or three), chances are someone will pay for your expertise. You can meet for a tutoring session in person or tutor online. Tutoring also tends to be very flexible, scheduling-wise, so you can work in tutoring side gigs in between other full- or part-time job duties.

If you need help finding tutoring gigs, consider looking into tutoring sites that can help connect you with students who need your help.

Running Errands as a Side Gig

Many people need help with getting chores or other errands done outside of the house. Whether because they work a lot of hours, are busy raising children, or are elderly or sick or caring for someone who is a senior or sick (or a combination of all of the above), having someone to help with errands would be seen as a great help.

An errand you could perform could be something as simple as running to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or another store for someone. Errand running could also include becoming someone's driver, getting them to places as they need it.

Depending on where you live, personal shoppers could be in high demand. When you are putting this skill to use on behalf of a senior, you are making a difference in their life because they know that they will never be caught without having things that they need.

Another way to run errands for someone (or lots of someone's) is to work for a delivery app company like DoorDash, Instacart, Shipt, or Postmates. Wages vary but shopping for others is a great way to make extra cash on your own time.

Career Consulting and Resumes

The job market may be booming again, but not everyone knows how to put their best foot forward to find that perfect position for them. The resume has never been more critical since the online jobs market means that more people than ever can apply for an individual job. Having a sharp and attention-grabbing resume is the single greatest edge that someone could have in the job market.

If you know how to write resumes and to give career consulting advice, you are making a large difference in someone else's life. In fact, just being able to give them clarity and insight into today's job market can be a major help.

Also remember, a better living could help them get out of debt or build a better financial future.

Paid Companion Helping Seniors

Just like seniors might need someone to help them run their errands, they may also pay for someone to keep them company if they live alone. People who do this kind of work are called elder companions.

While seniors at home without anyone else might simply just want someone to sit with them to keep them from being lonely. However, some elder companions are also expected to help with other basic needs like hygienic care, cooking, cleaning, and more.

If you are engaging and caring, becoming an elder companion for seniors might be the perfect fit for you. As the U.S. population ages, you can expect more opportunities like this in the future. You do not need any special training to be a companion, but whoever hires you will probably run a background check. If you're being hired to do more than keep someone company, be prepared to need to acquire a bit more training.

Babysitter and Day Care

Childcare is an acute need for families that often struggle with finding people to take care of their kids. Supply and demand means that people are willing to pay more for a good babysitter. Babysitters may be needed during the day or night, weekdays, or weekends. Depending on your schedule, any of these times could be fit into your week as a side gig.  

Providing a safe place for kids helps both them and their families. Remember to get certified as a babysitter. This will help you become more hirable and can help you deal with any emergencies that may arise while a child is in your care.

Virtual Assistant

With everything going on in the world, people may struggle to keep their own schedules or stay organized on their own. If you have a talent for organization and order, you could become a virtual assistant. The great thing is that you could perform these services for more than one person at a time.

Because this type of assistant is virtual, that means you can work this side gig from anywhere, and all you'll need is a laptop or mobile device and a WIFI connection. Your services will help bring order to someone else's life and give them the peace of mind that their schedules and other needs are being taken care of.

Remember, it's okay to get paid to help people. Side hustles helping others allows you to both feel good about yourself, build your financial future, and keep to your budget at the same time.